Bellydance, Martial Arts, and Fitness


Cast aside your picture of the skinny, scantily-clad harem girl and discover what bellydance can do for you!  Authentic Middle Eastern dance has been practiced for centuries as a celebration of real women.  The amazing thing about bellydance is that it brings women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds together and forges an unbreakable bond of sisterhood.  You are not too fat or too skinny, too young or too old.  You are perfect for this dance!

Bellydance and Injury – Part ONE

The following post is long overdue, but I hope to explain a little bit about why it was so difficult to get started writing this. At the end of February, I was in a car accident.  From the picture my …

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My Confession – Lessons Learned

I decided about a month ago to audition for the “Confessions of a Belly Dancer” theatrical belly dance show touring through Kansas City, MO.  The audition consists of three parts: an introduction, a confession, and a dance reenactment of your …

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The Zoria Project

One of the first things that draw people in to bellydance is the incredibly gorgeous costumes.  There are costumes for every shape, size, and personality type.  Unfortunately, these costumes come with a pretty hefty price tag, and what’s even more …

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